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Kobe Bryant Stars in Panini America’s First 2014 FIFA World Cup Sticker Viral Video

April 24, 2014

For one postcard-perfect day in late March, Panini America officials took control of the StubHub Center in Carson, Calif., intent on telling the poignant story of the company’s globally embraced FIFA World Cup Sticker Collection. With the help of two of professional sports’ biggest superstars and Panini Authentic-exclusive athletes Kobe Bryant and Andrew Luck, Panini America set out to create three dramatic video spots that poignantly communicate the worldwide and generations-spanning appeal of the FIFA World Cup — and the FIFA World Cup Sticker Collection.

As kids growing up in Europe, both Bryant and Luck were soccer fans and soccer players long before they achieved icon status in the worlds of the NBA and NFL, respectively. As a result, they were firsthand witnesses to the joys of collecting Panini World Cup Stickers. It’s that mutual shared experience — soccer kids, World Cup fans, Panini sticker collectors — that serves as the emotional center of all three #WhoDoYouCollect Panini America World Cup spots.

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Prime Time: Panini America Examines First 2013-14 Prime Hockey Autographs (Gallery)

April 23, 2014

Panini America 2013-14 Prime Hockey Autograph Peek (9)

My intention this morning — when I departed the cozy but cramped marketing office I share with Scott Prusha and made my way left and then right down to the massive Panini America Acquisitions Vault near the back of HQ — was to bring you an extended look at the slew of on-card arrivals for next month’s release of 2013-14 Rookie Anthology Hockey. So you can imagine my chagrin to discover that most of those cards have already been delivered to the production facility across town for a packout that begins in earnest in just a few weeks.

Undaunted, I kept searching, looking for any cool hockey arrivals that might whet the appetites of passionate collectors in need of an eye-candy fix here in the heat of the 2014 NHL Playoffs. Leave it to the juggernaut known as Prime Hockey, a product that always delivers, to come through one more time.

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Teaser Gallery: Panini America Cracks Four Early Boxes of 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball

April 22, 2014

Panini America 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball Teaser (1)

Tomorrow afternoon, much of the intrigue will be removed from 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball, replaced instead with the tantalizing tangible results of the many release-day breaks. But we’re not going to wait until tomorrow to get the ball rolling on that process. We’re getting started right now.

Earlier this morning, we grabbed the first four boxes of 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball that we could get our hands on to produce the following Teaser Gallery that takes you card-by-card through the Intrigue experience. Much like last year, each box of Intrigue Basketball includes two packs. The base six-card Intrigue pack delivers two autographs, two memorabilia cards, two additional cards and a bonus 2014 NBA Draft X-Change card. The other pack features five Intriguing Players cards, including the possibility of both die-cut versions and rare numbered parallels.

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Panini America Explores the Prime Pairings of 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball (Gallery)

April 21, 2014

Panini America 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball Prime Mem Main

When Panini America’s 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball goes live in hobby shops across North America on Wednesday, collectors will likely find much in the product that provides that namesake intrigue. We previewed many of those things late last week in a must-see Quality Control Gallery that placed a lot of the focus on the interest-piquing potential of the Intriguing Players insert.

But there are also some downright fascinating memorabilia cards permeating the 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball checklist. Indeed, never underestimate the eyebrow-raising potential of multi-player memorabilia cards — especially the rare Prime versions ones nestled strategically within Intrigue’s Intriguing Pairs, Terrific Trios and Fearless Foursomes insert sets.

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The Knight’s Lance Easter Egg Hunt: Locate the Panini America Eggs & You Could Win!

April 18, 2014

Yellow Easter Egg P

Whether it’s tracking down eggs or tracking down those last few Panini America cards to finish your set, collectors and Easter celebrants share one very important emotion: The thrill of the hunt. And today,The Knight’s Lance honors that fact with a special 2014 Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt that will allow 10 lucky collectors to fill their collecting baskets with some special treats.

Below, we’ve provided links to some preview galleries that have appeared on The Knight’s Lance in recent weeks. Within those galleries, we’ve hidden five special yellow eggs marked with the Panini America “P.” All you have to do is find them. Once you have, simply tell us — AS A COMMENT TO THIS POST — which five images those eggs appeared on.

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Panini America’s Weekly Redemption Card Update: Big Papi, Tony Parker and More

April 18, 2014

July 12 Redemption Main

In an effort to keep collectors updated on the status of those Panini America redemption cards that are currently being processed, we’ll post a list every week, like the one included in the attachments below, detailing the most recent cards being fulfilled this week.

The following list is intended to inform collectors about which redemption cards from which products are being processed this week. We’ll update this list every Friday afternoon, so stay tuned next week if you don’t see your card here.

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The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball (78 Images)

April 17, 2014

Panini America 2013-14 Intrigue Basketball QC (27)

It took all of one release for Panini America’s Intrigue Basketball product to make its micro-etched mark on the hobby. Amid a 2012-13 NBA collecting season not the least bit short on options, that debut release of Intrigue last September delivered a difference-making insert remains instantly recognizable all these months later: Intriguing Players.

The striking, superstar-focused chase set that debuted in 2012-13 Intrigue Basketball is as memorable for its stunning full-front micro-etching as it is for offering multiple photo variations of the NBA’s 20 best players. The good news for those collectors who embraced the concept last season? Intriguing Players is back for 2013-14. The better news? Well, it’s even better.

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