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Special Prizms Deliver Psychedelic Twist to Panini America’s 2013 Father’s Day Set

May 13, 2013

Panini America 2013 Father's Day Prizm (17)

With Panini America’s 2013 Father’s Day promotion now just more than a month away, you can expect The Knight’s Lance to begin pulling the curtain back in a big way regarding everything we have in store for this year’s nationwide wrapper-redemption program. Last week we brought you a glimpse of the base and insert sets planned for the promotion. Today, things take a decided Prizm turn.

Whereas last year’s Father’s Day promotion intensified the hobby’s love affair with Cracked Ice, the 2013 edition should fan the flames of a futuristic new Prizm parallel that’s so cool it doesn’t really even have a name yet. Most of the people we’ve shown the cards to internally usually just call it “wicked” or “wow” or “sweet.”

By any name, the cards look phenomenal, as you’ll see for yourself in the preview gallery that follows.

The limited-edition 2013 Father’s Day Prizm Parallels will mirror many of the base Prizm cards from 2012 Prizm Baseball and the upcoming 2012-13 Rookie Anthology Hockey Prizm Preview cards. The big difference, aside from the enchanting special effects, is that the Father’s Day parallels will be limited to less than 30 of each card, providing a thrilling chase for collectors looking to complete their sets.

We’ve included a mouth-watering preview of what you can expect below. Stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional information on Panini America’s 2013 Father’s Day promotion.

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  1. byronscott4ever permalink
    May 13, 2013 12:31 pm

    Diamond Prizm is what I thought

  2. ben permalink
    May 13, 2013 12:34 pm

    twisted prizm looks appropriate…

  3. May 13, 2013 12:42 pm

    No football? You should call it ‘rip wave’.

  4. May 13, 2013 12:51 pm

    This is going to be a Great Father’s day for all collectors! These cards sparkle like Diamond Prizm to me…. What products are going to be featured to get these GREAT PACKS????

  5. Sport Card Collectors permalink
    May 13, 2013 1:02 pm

    I call this Panini Father’s Day Prizms. They caught my attention. I can’t wait to see what else you guys are ready to unveil.

  6. May 13, 2013 1:26 pm

    Groovy! Now some Grateful Dead playing and other stuff while openin packs.

  7. May 13, 2013 1:38 pm

    I’d vote for Prizm WAVE!

  8. May 13, 2013 1:39 pm

    Sounds like an opportunity to have a naming prize contest to me. I would call it Glitter Prizm.

  9. David Johnson permalink
    May 13, 2013 1:50 pm

    I’m going to need that Ivan Rodriguez card for my collection. Can’t wait to see it in hand.

  10. Eric Cabreros permalink
    May 13, 2013 2:25 pm

    Oh Sweet Tracy!
    My son And I will be celebrating it with
    The great Promotion and Give aways from
    Panini America!
    It will be an Exciting and Thrilling
    Father And Son Bonding moments !!
    Thanks And God Bless!

  11. preslee718 permalink
    May 13, 2013 2:27 pm

    That’s some trippy stuff, far out dude!!!

    • Scott W. Prusha permalink*
      May 13, 2013 2:37 pm

      Thanks love the comment! From the Kings of Dude…

  12. May 13, 2013 3:35 pm

    I want to know what packs we have to buy to get these and how many wrappers per card! I love Panini and I have been getting my son into the card hobby since last football season!

    • May 13, 2013 5:22 pm

      Love to hear that! Stay tuned. We’ll release full details on the 2013 Father’s Day promotion in the coming weeks.

      • May 13, 2013 8:55 pm

        Hackler the best thing Panini did was take you away rom Beckett. You were the ONLY person there who seemed in touch with the collectors! It shows in the Panini products too! GOOD JOB!

      • May 13, 2013 8:58 pm

        Wow! Thanks for the kind words. You know how to make a guy feel good. Although I pride myself on being in touch with the collectors, our product folks deserve the credit for our products. I just have the great job of promoting those products. Thanks again, man. Means a lot.

      • May 13, 2013 9:09 pm

        No thanks needed man. I am not kissing up and truly mean it! I remember back in the day when you guys had the contests at Beckett for the Auto Melo McFarlane Figure and the Plates for the covers. I won a Melo auto RC McFarlane and a set of Mariano Rivera plates. It showed there you actually cared about the collectors even then and went out of your way to do something cool for the collectors.

      • May 13, 2013 9:17 pm

        Oh and by the way since it is for we the Father’s on our day I say they should be called the Papi Prizm edition!

  13. gregmalloy permalink
    May 13, 2013 5:11 pm

    Pschadelic prizm’s sounds good to me. Also diamond prizm is also a cool name!

  14. fatcatt permalink
    May 13, 2013 9:07 pm

    It would have to be called something associated with Space..Galaxy Prizm, Starburst, Milky Way, Extra Terestrial or E.T Prizm..Whatever it’s called, they are pretty F…ing Cool!!

  15. deloreanfan81 permalink
    May 13, 2013 10:22 pm

    very sweet looking

  16. Jim permalink
    May 14, 2013 12:13 am

    any NBA players included in Father’s Day cards?

  17. hudsonfan15 permalink
    May 14, 2013 5:54 am

    So swirly, so trippy. Great job on these fellas, thanks as always for the preview Tracy!

  18. May 14, 2013 7:10 am

    Are there any NFL in these Prizm cards? And I am frantically trying to find an actual LCS somewhere now. Will ALL LCS have these Father’s Day cards or just ones that get stuff directly from Panini? I gotta find out because no way I wanna miss out on these!

    • May 14, 2013 8:21 am

      We’ll have a complete list of participating dealers in the next few weeks.

      • May 14, 2013 8:33 am

        I can only hope and pray there is one close to me. If not I will be extremely disappointed to not be able to participate. The closest LCS to me is in Dayton, Ohio. Over an hour away

  19. Ryan K. permalink
    May 14, 2013 1:07 pm

    Hey Tracy, if you haven’t named these yet… how about Diffraction Prizms? You know, named for thin-film interference resulting from the diffraction of light waves as it transitions between two mediums? The shinies look very similar… but hey, I’m always looking for opportunities to combine my two passions (Physics and Cards… besides the obvious applications of combustion and projectile motion)

  20. May 14, 2013 1:17 pm

    Cant wait 4 these in NFL and #RAVENS They should be Called the #Panini #Nuclear #Prizm #Parallel Cause these are the BIGGEST BOMBS i have seen since the Pylon Prizm Parallel STRAIGHT UP AWESOME and DEFINITELY GONNA #BLOW UP on the Collecting Scene #PaniniRULZ

    • Jim permalink
      May 14, 2013 6:49 pm

      How about “nukular” as in the pronouncation of George Bush?

  21. Jonathan permalink
    May 15, 2013 10:09 pm

    Great stuff Tracy and folks at Panini!! I will be sure to hit up my LCS to take part in the program. I think its gonna be a hit for sure!

  22. gregmalloy permalink
    May 18, 2013 7:50 am

    You guys defiantly need to put Doc Ellis on one of these cards it would just be the perfect match. Like bread & butter!


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