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Panini America Provides a Packout Preview of 2014-15 Flawless Basketball (Part Two)

September 25, 2015

Panini America 2014-15 Flawless Basketball Packout Part 211

Need something to pass the time on this Friday afternoon before another hard-earned weekend? We’ve got just the thing: Our must-see Part Two preview of Panini America’s 2014-15 Flawless Basketball, which packed out earlier this week and as you read this is on its way to hobby shops across North America in preparation for Wednesday’s launch. Seeing as how the Part One peek from earlier this week ranks as our most-viewed post of the month, it stands to reason that loyal The Knight’s Lance visitors are ready for the follow-up.

In the gallery that follows, we showcase some additional gems that surfaced during packout, including breathtaking Dual Logoman cards, Hall of Fame-heavy autographs and a plethora of other collection-makers showcasing some of the hottest current stars, rookies and iconic legends in NBA history. Enjoy this Flawless Friday and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for continued coverage of 2014-15 Flawless Basketball.

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  1. Nick Gauder permalink
    September 25, 2015 12:14 pm

    Flawless looks like the best one yet!! Everything about this years Flawless is impeccable! Design, logo man, triple autos! Amazing! I only wish I could afford to buy one briefcase, but I will try my luck with some group breaks. Hopefully I get lucky and pull one of the amazing cards in this gallery. Keep up the great work as always Panini.

  2. Dan permalink
    September 25, 2015 12:45 pm

    Any way you guys can provide something that would help me explain to my wife why I NEED to get box of these? I would greatly appreciate it. Fantastic images as always.

  3. September 25, 2015 1:45 pm

    Ahh, There are the double logoman cards. Btw, Tracy, Who is the best to do a Panini unwrapped of the best of the best of the best? Would love to see CEO Mark again in a unwrapped episode.

  4. todd w. permalink
    September 25, 2015 8:03 pm

    Some real winners but if my $3500 case’s two encased ‘hits’ are a friggin Anthony Davis autograph /25 and a Bill Russell autograph /15, LOOK OUT!!!

  5. pinoywiggins permalink
    September 25, 2015 9:20 pm

    no offence but i would be pissed if my encased auto is ricky rubio 😦

  6. Mars permalink
    September 25, 2015 9:53 pm

    Those multiplayer cards are insane, but they’re gonna make random player group breaks brutal. Kyrie and Nick Young need to work on their signatures, as well…

  7. September 26, 2015 3:07 pm

    Can’t wait to see the gems, both figurative and literal, from Flawless land in the hands of lucky collectors soon. Thanks Tracy!

  8. jerome permalink
    September 26, 2015 8:44 pm

    how i wish i can afford to open a box/brief case of this. daaaaaaaaaaaamn.

  9. Sport Card Collectors permalink
    September 30, 2015 7:50 pm



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