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How 2018 Treble Soccer Created Some of the Greatest “Sticker” Autographs . . . Ever

January 7, 2019

treble stickers

It’s no real secret that there’s a stigma that sticks to sticker autographs. Give any trading card collector the choice between an on-card autograph or one with an autograph sticker and on-card wins every . . . single . . . time. But sometimes, when conditions are just right, a “sticker” autograph can be just about the best card you can pull from a product. In Panini America’s 2018 Treble Soccer, the conditions were right. The product released in early December with a litany of promising aspects, but it didn’t take long for soccer fans and collectors to pinpoint their favorite one: The spectacular World Cup Sticker Autographs insert featuring original FIFA World Cup™ Stickers embedded into the card.

While many of the cards in the insert feature sticker autographs, the ones that have commanded the most attention and secondary-market action are the ones featuring autographs directly on the embedded FIFA World Cup™ Sticker. You know, the ones from pitch heavyweights such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Javier Hernandez.

In recent weeks, a Ronaldo sold for $900, a Messi sold for $670 and a Neymar sold for $200. A quick search of completed eBay results, however, will uncover a bevy of other healthy transactions, including SPs Carlos Vela, Christian Eriksen, Diego Maradona, Luka Modric, Roberto Baggio, Ronaldo and Thierry Henry that are limited to 10 copies or less. With the exception of two, all of the stickers incorporated into the unique set are authentic and original FIFA World Cup™ Stickers ranging from 1982 to 2018; stickers for Maradona and Quini were reprinted due to scarcity.

We provide a brief gallery of just some of the cards in the gallery that follows. Enjoy and stay tuned for additional coverage.

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