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ESPN Fantasy Expert Matthew Berry Creates Special Card Set for 2018 Donruss Football

August 9, 2018

Matthew Berry's Fantasy Life Main

Right about now, with NFL training camps in full swing and September swiftly approaching, likely not a moment goes by without someone in your office, house, classroom, lecture hall, church, mall, restaurant or bathroom mentioning something about fantasy football. And there’s probably one person who’s more responsible than any other for all the discussion: ESPN fantasy analyst Matthew Berry.

An entertaining, insightful fixture at ESPN since 2007, Berry’s is one of the most revered voices in all of fantasy sports and his advice on everything from draft strategies to starts/sits to philosophies to injuries is often-hilarious must-read material on a daily basis. He’s an author. He’s a television force. And he’s . . . a trading card collector. That last part might come as something of a surprise for fellow collectors reading this. But that doesn’t make it any less true. Matthew Berry loves him some football cards, especially the 20 cards comprising the Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Life insert in the new 2018 Donruss Football.

Berry set out by first selecting his five top fantasy subjects in four different categories: Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Pass-Catchers and Rookies. He then penned the card-back copy for each. The result, as you’ll see in the gallery that follows, is a striking insert set that seamlessly melds the worlds of fantasy football and football cards as well as those two worlds have ever been melded.

Berry (and his autographs) also appear in 2018 Donruss Football’s Fans of the Game insert.

Matthew Berry FOTG

We sat down with Berry during the recent National Fantasy Football Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, to talk about all of it. Check out our conversation in the video that follows. After that, we showcase all 20 cards in the Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Life insert as well as his Fans of the Game card. It’s worth noting that Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Life insert also features an autograph parallel with signatures from Berry’s handpicked players.

And now, to the card images . . .

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  1. August 9, 2018 2:16 pm

    Would the card he’s holding up be considered his RC?

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