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Cleveland Rocked: Must-See Scenes from the Epic 2018 Panini VIP Party (Gallery)

August 11, 2018

Panini America 2018 Panini VIP Party Main

CLEVELAND — One week ago tonight in downtown Cleveland, roughy a seven-minute Uber ride from the fabled Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Panini America and more than 300 special guests joined festive forces for the seventh annual Panini VIP Party, a celebration of epic proportions that will not soon be forgotten. The stars came out (and kept coming out, it seemed) as Panini America delivered another one of those remember-where-you-were-when kind of nights that have become the marquee event’s calling card.

The electricity was palpable. The vibe was vibrant. The memories? Well, they were the kind that tend to last forever. As has become customary, Panini America’s 2018 National VIP Party unfolded amid considerable pomp and circumstance as a record number of attendees basked in the fairytale brilliance of a fantasy come to life.

A star-studded list of special guests — including NFL legends Barry Sanders and Michael Vick, college football icons Brian Bosworth and Vince Young, former NBA Slam Dunk champion Dee Brown and NBA rookies Mo Bamba and Collin Sexton — helped keep Cleveland rocking all night long.

All the while, Panini America’s most passionate customers and business partners were enjoying good food, good times, Gold PacksBlack Boxes and unforgettable camaraderie on a night that provided the rare opportunity to spend quality time interacting with some of their sports heroes.

Relive the magical night in the following must-see gallery that offers must-see scenes from a truly magical night.

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  1. Finn Curran permalink
    August 11, 2018 10:02 am

    Any news on the select football xrcs. They were out this time last year and it kinda loses its novelty when it’s just another rookie card after elite certified donruss and more. I mean you guys made those pink versions for the national where’s the ones u actually promised customers?

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